I want every woman in business to see their photos

& feel an insane sense of pride & love for who they are


Do you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed?

then a personal branding photography shoot is just for you.

Ignore those boring text only websites and marketing posts that say zero about who you are, and get ready for a unique, fun experience to showcase exactly why your audience should fall in love with you and your business.

For most of us having our photos taken can be an awkward experience, and I dedicate my photoshoots to make you feel as comfortable as possible so you look and feel the best in your photos.

Finding out who you are and how I can help you feel relaxed in front of the camera is a major part of our consultation.

A personal branding photography shoot can help your business or brand make a personal connection with your customers, and can give potential customers a unique insight into your business.


My passion has driven me here and I am here to make fantastic business owners just like you to feel and look amazing in their marketing.

Do you hate having your pictures taken? Trust me, you are not alone! I think we all have our hang ups and fears not to look good or to feel awkward in front of the camera.  This is where I can help. Every  personal branding photography shoot with my client is fun, relaxed and by the end of the day you will feel you have just made a new friend.

You are in safe hands with me.

I will get creative and tell you story in a unique way so you can show your audience exactly who you are and why they want to work with you and no-one else!


  • Never having to frantically search for photos to post on social media again
  • Stop having to look through stock images again just to show some other face rather than your own
  • To finally feel less overwhelmed with content ideas and ways to share your brilliant services and products with your audience
  • To promote, launch and sell by connecting and attracting your clients instead of feeling salesy and pushy
  • To have photos of you that you actually love and can’t wait to share

Start your journey.

Lets Get you noticed.

Have you been building your business but avoiding showing your face to the world? What is it that is holding you back?

Have you been posting content but nothing seems to convert and have problems driving clients to your website or your sales pages?

Maybe you are waiting to lose a little bit of weight first?

To feel more confident?

To not dread taking the photo?

Or maybe you are ready to show your clients why it is only you they should be working with! Maybe you are ready to kick butt and show up!

If you are oohing and aahing and saying yes to all this, then get in touch. You are ready to take the next step my friend!

“People decide in 3-5 milliseconds if they want to work with you or not”


  • Having your hair and make up done by my professional stylist who will bring out your personality, ignite you with sparkle and make you look and feel gorgeous.
  • Enjoy a fully guided photoshoot where all you need to do is relax and trust the process. I am the expert, I will do the hard work.
  • Receive a proof gallery of stunning photos 2 weeks later where you might struggle choosing your favorites because you love them all.
  • Getting excited about content planning knowing your posts will stand out, rather than dreading the next announcement on social media that gets zero engagement.

What You get

  1. As many outfits as you can change into –  and the help to choose the right one.
  2. Full guidance on what to do Infront of the camera at all times – leave it to me.
  3. Personalized online gallery with retouched images to choose from -so you can select your favorites in your own time at home.
  4. A mix of profile, lifestyle, product and detail shots -tailored to you to tell the stories of your brand.
  5. Multiple locations such as house, café or urban settings (nature and beach) – Don’t worry if your house is not for show, I will locate and scout the best option for you.
  6. Ongoing support leading up to, during and after your photoshoot day – so you can get the most out of the experience and know where and where to start.


The Investment

There are four packages to choose from so you can pick and choose what suits you and your business needs best.

From Mini Sessions to Half and Full Day Options, a yearly collection where you never run out of images for your content to Virtual Sessions if you are nowhere near me or simply struggle with time to get organized.

The photos include a gorgeous mix of profile, lifestyle, product and detail shots all telling your unique brand story.  Every image is organized and tailored to you, so that your gallery is totally unique to you – no session is ever the same.

A list of my packages including virtual sessions exactly like in the sample page.. lean, fun with attached images.

Almost ready!!!!

Kind Words

“Steffi made me feel relaxed, not forced and had some fantastic ideas. Anyone wishing to have a professional photoshoot for their media, websites, branding blogs etc, i can highly recomend Steffi Andrews Photography.”



“Thank you so much for making the whole process so fun and relaxed. Steffi, you have done a fabulous job, you are so talented.”



“I had an amazing brandshoot with Steffi. The resulting shots were gorgeous, giving me lots of different types of glorious pictures for different use, from online marketing to book jackets. I would highly recomend Steffi without reservation.”


Spiritual Coach and Author